We are once again looking forward to the to the beauty our residents bring to Forest Ridge by filling our flower boxes with colorful and creative designs. It benefits the entire Development.

Zergott’s Landscaping, our partner in this project, will again offer a 10% discount on your plants and supplies and a $20 gift certificate for the 1st place box.  Each box comes with $15 from the Homeowner’s Association to be used toward the purchase of plants and flowers.
Thank you all again from everyone in the developments and we look forward to seeing your creativity at work again next year!
The boxes are judged by the North Olmsted Garden Club and the three top winners each receive a $15 monetary gift from the Homeowner’s Association. 

Of the three winners, the box judged best receives a $20 gift certificate from Zergott’s. 
2017 Planter Box Contest
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We are a not-for-profit organization whose officers and trustees are made up of your neighbors who donate their time and services.
We felt weather conditions this year (lengthy dry spells) should not penalize the plots, so we were looking for overall design, distinction, color, and expression.
Thank you to everyone who adopted planter boxes this year. You helped make this a lovely summer for our homeowners and their guests despite the challenges such a dry summer brings.

Our judge, Barbara Geisinger has been a member of the North Olmsted Garden Club for 16 years and is
a Consulting Rosarian and member of Forest City and Western Reserve Rose Societies and the American Rose Society for 8 years.
The first place winners this year, Sara Beasley and Justin Matthews, were picked because this plot has great curb appeal; it is bright, colorful, and fills the whole area. Corner of West Park and North Park.
The second place winner, Brenda Carnahan, has an excellent design; it's very symmetrical and balanced. Corner of Alden and Douglas.
The third place winner, Ruth Corridoni, was thought to grab the attention from the road with its contrast in design.  Corner of West Park and Douglas.